Google Password Phishing Attempts

posted Apr 17, 2020, 11:39 AM by Kelly Nixon

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians, 

Re:Google Password Phishing Attempts

We have had several reports of students receiving messages that appear to have been sent from the school or school board but are in fact not legitimate email messages.  In each of these situations the individual posing as a staff member requests that the student receiving the message responds to the email and provides their Google password.  

The sender is phishing for information. Phishing is when someone posing as a legitimate individual or institution attempts to lure individuals into providing sensitive data.

The school board attempts to filter out as many of these messages as possible, but on occasion they do make it to student and staff inboxes.

Neither the school or the school board (OCSB) will ever send students a message requesting they provide their student password.  These messages should be ignored and/or deleted. 

For your information, here are some more important phishing tips to be aware of care of the Government of Canada - Get Cyber Safe : 7 Red Flags of Phishing

Mr. Hopkins


Sacred Heart High School