Grade 7 Welcome

posted Sep 4, 2020, 11:35 AM by Kelly Nixon

September 4, 2020

Dear Parents,Guardians and Sacred Heart students,

We are looking forward to welcoming our students into the building on Tuesday morning.  We have a team of teachers ready to greet you as you enter the building and to help direct them to the right room.  We are including a map in this message to give students a general idea of the floorplan.

Parents, we recognize you may be driving your children to school that week. Our school day starts at 8:05.  Please drop your child off no earlier than 7:45.  Our school day ends at 2:10.  Our designated drop-off location is the parking lot at the west side of the school.  However,  as mentioned in our last parent update, we are asking parents to drop their children off in the proximity of the school. The Walk-a-Block model is being encouraged by all of our schools in order to help alleviate traffic congestion in front of the school.   

Please keep in mind that our students do not have access to the change rooms for Phys Ed.  They are encouraged to wear clothing each day that is comfortable and appropriate for physical activity, including proper footwear. 

In case you might need this information again, we are including a suggested supplies list to help prepare your child for the start of the school year.

Please see below a suggested list of school supplies;

- Backpack (student name inside) - Lunch Bag / Water Bottle

- Cloth or disposable mask - Pencil case

- Pens/ Pencils/Erasers/Shapener - Coloured pencils and Markers

- Dry erase markers - Calculator

- Scissors/ Glue Stick - 3-inch binder (1) and Lined paper

- Dividers (8) to be labelled with class subjects once students receive their schedule.

At Sacred Heart HS we encourage a Bring Your Own Device model which also helps to support Ottawa Public Health Guidelines for Covid prevention.  We would recommend any model of Chromebook as students will be using the Google Suites of Tools with the OCSB.   

Personal size hand sanitizer (may be refilled at school)