June 5th Update

posted Jun 5, 2020, 7:34 AM by Brent Hopkins

June 5th, 2020

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians, 

We have a few updates to share.

Student Access

Next week we will begin our school access visits for students.  By now all students should have received an email identifying their assigned school access appointment as well as the procedures that will be in place for the visit (Student Access Letter Template).  It’s important to spend time reviewing the information contained in the email.  Please also note that the assigned time is for one individual.  If necessary a parent can attend in place of their child.  In those instances staff volunteers will escort parents to their child’s locker.  We anticipate that in most cases students will be attending the access visit and that most visits will last no more than 10 minutes.  In regards to pick-up and drop-off, a reminder that entrance is through the front doors and that everyone will be exiting through the side doors (Shea Rd parking lot).  Staff will be here to support you!


We will be announcing our major graduation awards at the end of June.  We will also be announcing our athletic award winders (gr 7-12) in late June as well. Grade 7-11 academic awards will be announced next fall.  In all cases the physical awards will be presented next year.

Summer School

Summer programming has been expanded.  Both Reach Ahead and Credit Recovery registration continue to remain open.  Two additional programs have now been made available.  Grade 6, 7and 8 Skill Builder programs have been added, as have several Summer Upgrading Courses.  Nineteen different gr 9-11 upgrading courses are being offered.  All summer programming will be delivered through distance learning.  Additional information is available by accessing the following link:  2020-21 Updated Summer School Information .  As always, students interested in speaking with a guidance counselor can request an appointment by logging into our mystudentinfo.ca site.

We hope you and your family continue to stay safe and well. 

Brent Hopkins