May 29th Update

posted May 29, 2020, 10:48 AM by Brent Hopkins

May 29, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Our 10th week of Learning from Home has drawn to a close.  Next week we will move into the final month of the school year. Since all remaining PD Day and Exam Days have been cancelled the official last day of the 2019-20 school year is Friday, June 26th.  Final report cards will likely be shared electronically and are expected to be issued on June 26th for all students in grades 7-12.  

Next Fall

I know there are many questions about what next year will look like.  The Ministry of Education has indicated they will be sharing information in late June.  However, it is likely that the fall plan will depend to a great extent on COVID-19 related progress over the summer months.  Unfortunately, this may mean we enter the summer with many questions still remaining.  We remain committed to sharing updates as they are made available over the summer.  

Student Locker Access, Textbooks, Chromebooks

Beginning Monday, June 8th we will be opening our student access window for students to be able to access their lockers and return items (ex. textbooks, library books, musical instruments, team uniforms, etc.).  Next week each student will receive a personalized email (parents will be copied).  We will be reminding students that it is very important that they read the entire message very carefully.  Each student will be issued an access appointment date and time between June 8th and 19th. A check-in and check-out process will be utilized and staff volunteers will be on site to assist.  We are asking students to collect and drop off items as efficiently as possible.  We know that they have not had the opportunity to see classmates in some time. Unfortunately, these school visits are not an appropriate occasion to gather with peers. In most situations students will require less than 10 minutes to complete their access visit.  

In regards to textbook return.  Students will have the option of returning textbooks by placing them on designated tables as they exit the building.  If use of a textbook is necessary to complete remaining school work, then the text can be returned at a later date (details to follow).  We will not be collecting Chromebooks that were loaned to students at this point.  They can be returned in the fall (grade 12s will be the exception - details to follow).  A detailed description of the access protocol will be outlined in next week’s email. 


Our yearbook was completed by our school team some time ago. It is being processed by the publisher.  We had hoped to receive the yearbook prior to the end of the school year.  At this point, we know that they will not be delivered until some point over the summer break.  Due to the volume of orders, our plan is to distribute yearbooks to  returning students in the fall.  We will develop a plan for providing yearbooks to our graduating students. 

You may have seen information circulating online about a free yearbook application.  Josten’s has developed a free tool for students who choose to use it.  Users can create digital signing pages and invite others to share personal messages.  For more information please visit:

Congratulations Ms. Stonehouse!

Each spring the Ottawa Catholic School Board recognizes the outstanding contributions of staff members across the system.  Director of Education Commendations are awarded to a limited number of staff members.  We are proud to share that Ms. Sheryl Stonehouse was selected as one of this year’s recipients. 

We hope you and your family continue to stay safe and well. 

Brent Hopkins