October 7th Update

posted Oct 7, 2020, 6:21 AM by Brent Hopkins

October 7th, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

We are now in our second month back to school.  We are settling into a routine. We continue to be impressed with students’ commitment to our new protocols.   There are several updates that we would like to share with you.

October 9th PD Day - HS Only

A reminder that this Friday is a PD Day for high school students only.  Regularly scheduled 7&8 classes will be taking place  Typically all gr 7-12 students share the same PD Days.  However, this year their schedules differ slightly.  June 4th is a PD day for gr 7&8 students only.  All other PD days apply to both panels.  

Next Tuesday (October 13th) when we return after the Thanksgiving weekend Cohort B students will attend in-person and Cohort A will learn from home.  Cohort A’s first day back after the long weekend will be Wednesday, October 14th.  

Midterm Marks

We have been advised that formal high school midterm report cards will not be issued.  However, we will be sharing student midterm marks next week with parents by email. Messages will be sent on Friday, October 16th.  

Final Quadmester 1 report cards are expected to be shared via the Parent Portal on Friday, November 20th.


We also received notice from the school board that there will be no high school exams this year.  All previously designated exam days have been rescheduled as instructional days.  As a result, November 11th and 12th will now be instructional dates.  November 13th is a PD Day for all students.  Quadmester 2 will commence on Monday, November 16th.  

All courses will have rich summative tasks (RSTs).  These summative tasks can take many forms and will be administered toward the end of the course.  They will provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their overall learning.  RSTs in grade 9 and 10 will be worth 10% of each student’s final mark.  RSTs in grade 11 and 12 will be worth 20% of each student’s final mark. 

Community Service Requirements for Graduating Students 

The Ministry of Education has clarified that 2021 graduates are still required to meet the community service requirement.  However, due to the challenges that the pandemic has created the minimum number of hours have been reduced from 40 hrs to 20 hrs.  

For more detailed information please review:  Community Services 2020-21 Update.  

OPH Updated Screening Tool 

Yesterday all parents were sent an email advising of changes that have been made to OPH’s screening tool.  To view this information please visit: Updated OPH Screening Tool.  

We thank you for your continued support in ensuring our school community is adhering to OPH requirements.  Please continue to communicate absence information with us.  We are monitoring this information daily. 

We hope you and your family enjoy this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. 

Brent Hopkins