OSTA - January 24th busing decision - impact on exams

posted Jan 23, 2019, 12:34 PM by Brent Hopkins   [ updated Jan 23, 2019, 4:15 PM ]
OSTA will evaluate weather and road conditions between 4-5:30am tomorrow morning, January 24, 2019. A decision regarding any service cancellations will be made the morning of January 24, 2019 and communicated to the public no later than 6:15am.

In the event of a second “snow day” where yellow school bus transportation is cancelled during the high school exam period, the following will occur:

All exams will be bumped by one day except for the last exam which is currently scheduled for the morning of Tuesday, January 29. This exam will be written in the afternoon of Tuesday, January 29.

For example, if January 24 is a snow day and all school bus transportation for our board is cancelled, then:

  • all exams now scheduled for January 24 will be written on Friday, January 25
  • all exams scheduled for January 25 will be written on Monday, January 28
  • all exams scheduled for January 28 will be written in the morning Tuesday, January 29
  • all exams scheduled for January 29 will be written in the afternoon Tuesday, January 29

January 30 remains a PD Day.

The exam schedules at all schools for all students will be affected (not just for school bus riders).

During a snow day, the school will be open, but exams will not be written.