September 10th School Start-up Update for High School

posted Sep 10, 2020, 1:03 PM by Brent Hopkins   [ updated Sep 11, 2020, 7:25 AM ]

September 10, 2020

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

School starts in 4 days!  We are looking forward to the return of our high school students next week.  

This week we welcomed our grade 7 & 8 students back to school.  Next Monday and Tuesday all students who are participating in in-person learning will return.  

  • Grade 9-12 (Cohort A): Monday, September 14th (Alpha last name A - K)

  • Grade 9-12 (Cohort B): Tuesday, September 15th (Alpha last name L - Z)

Cohort A will attend Monday, Wednesday & Friday during the week of September 14, and Tuesday and Thursday the following week, and so forth.

Cohort B will attend Tuesday and Thursday the week of September 14 (starting on Tuesday, September 15) and Monday, Wednesday and Friday the following week, and so forth.

Please Note: Students are welcome in the building after 7:45am. They will go directly to their homeroom class (Period 1). Staff will be on hand to guide students. 

All students who will be participating in online learning through the Virtual Academy will be receiving a message from their teacher prior to classes beginning on Monday, September 14th.  

Student Schedules

As indicated in our last update, students can view their schedule by logging into .  Course change requests can be made by accessing the same site.  All change requests impacting quadmester 1 should be made by noon on Friday, September 11th.  Late requests can only be considered under exceptional circumstances as they will impact cohorting.    

Floor Markings, Signs and Protocols

When students arrive at school they will notice that there are markings on the floor to indicate which side of the hallway or staircase they should be walking on.  There are also signs that will help provide direction regarding new school protocols.  These changes, like the requirement to wear masks, are all in place to ensure everyone in our school community is safe.  We will be here to help students get used to the new school routines. 

We all have an important part to play here at school.  The physical distancing, handwashing and mask wearing protocols we’ll all be following are not suggestions - they are requirements.  Teachers will be reviewing our school practices with students.  We know that everyone will do their part.  It won’t take long to get used to our new routines. 

Main Office Procedures

Grade 9-12 students who arrive late are able to go directly to their homeroom from 8:05-9:00 am.   

AFTER 9:00 am students arriving late need to check into the main office.  Students need to line up outside the office at least 2 metres apart.

If you need to pick up your son/daughter before the end of the school day we ask that you do so before 1:45 pm.  

Please communicate with the main office by phone if a student is going to be late, absent or needs to sign out. If you are picking up your child please call the office once you have arrived at the school or provide your son/daughter with a note that they can present to staff when it is time to leave.  Unfortunately, visitors (including parents) are not permitted in the building unless an appointment has been scheduled.

High School Schedule 

Grade 9 & 10

8:05-8-10  Homeroom

8:10-10:40 Period 1 

10:40-11:30  LUNCH

11:30-2:00   Period 2

2:00-2:10         Break/Transition

2:10   End of Day


Grade 11 & 12

8:05-8-10  Homeroom

8:10-10:40 Period 1 

10:40-10:50 Break/Transition

10:50-1:20  Period 2

1:20-2:10   LUNCH

2:10         End of Day


Lunch Time

At this point there will not be any cafeteria food service in place, but that could change later in the year.  Please ensure students have lunch and snacks for the day.

Grade 9 and 10’s who choose to stay in the building will eat their lunch at their assigned seats in their Period 2 classroom. A small number of classes will be assigned seating by cohort at cafeteria tables in the gym because their classroom space is not appropriate for eating (ex. transportation classroom).   As has been the case in the past, high school students are permitted outside and off property during lunch. They must however, return to their Period 2 class immediately upon re-entering the school. If your child leaves the school, they will be asked to maintain a personal log of who they were in contact with over the lunch period for Ottawa Public Health contact tracing. 

Grade 11 and 12’s will eat their lunch at the end of the day (1:20-2:10). Students will be able to have snacks during their period 2 class time. Grade 11 and 12s are welcome to make their way home when lunch begins if they are able to. They can also go outside  or leave the school property during their lunch period and then return to access their transportation home. If they are remaining in the building during their lunch period, a space at a cafeteria table, assigned by class cohort, will be provided that will ensure proper social distancing. 

Food delivery services (including, for example, Uber Eats or Skip the Dishes) should  not be utilized while on school property. 

If your child forgets his or her lunch, please call the school from the parking lot and we will have your child meet you outside to receive it. 


Students will not be given access to a locker. They will keep their personal items with them at all times. This will be revisited with Public Health later in the year. 

Student Checklist

If you are wondering what items to prepare for your child this year, click here to access a list of recommended items for all students (K-12).


We encourage a Bring Your Own Device model which also helps to support Ottawa Public Health Guidelines for Covid prevention.  We would recommend any model of Chromebook as students will be using the Google Suites of Tools with the OCSB.   For further information please review the following:   BYOD Model

Outstanding Textbooks

We are asking students with outstanding items (textbooks, team uniforms, etc) that were not returned in the spring to bring those items with them on the first day.  We will have an outstanding textbook drop off table located in the atrium.  


Parents, we recognize you may be driving your children to school. Our school day starts at 8:05.  Please drop your child off no earlier than 7:45.  Our school day ends at 2:10.  Our designated drop-off location is the parking lot at the west side of the school.  However,  as mentioned in our last parent update, we are asking parents to drop their children off in the proximity of the school. The Walk-a-Block model is being encouraged by all of our schools in order to help alleviate traffic congestion.   


The Ottawa Transportation Authority (OSTA) will begin yellow school bus service on September 14. For information, including access to the Bus Stop Finder, please visit .

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we prepared for the new school year.  Please continue to visit our school website We’re also on Twitter @SacredHeartHS. 

We look forward to welcoming high school students back to school next week. Go Huskies!


Brent Hopkins, Principal

Alanna Vandewint, Vice-Principal (student last names  A-D)

Shawn MacEachern, Vice-Principal (student last names E-K)

Angelina Glynn, Vice-Principal (student last names L-P)

Mary-Jane Gillier-Symes, Vice-Principal (student last names Q-Z)