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January 21, 2022 Update

January 21, 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The weather delayed our return to school at the beginning of the week, but otherwise our return to in-person instruction was a smooth one. It’s been great to have students back in the school again.

Reporting Attendance

Thank you for continuing to advise the school when your child will be away. In instances where your child is required to isolate due to Provincial screening requirements (see You have symptoms and are concerned may have COVID-19. Now what?) or will otherwise be away for multiple days, please also advise the school of your child’s anticipated return date. This information will ensure your child’s attendance record is updated appropriately.

A reminder that our 24-hour school attendance line is 613-831-0543. Our main school line is also available during the school day. Please feel free to contact the school if you have questions. The main school line is 613-831-6643.

Online Safety, Social Media, Privacy, Cyberbullying & Image Sharing Presentation

The Holy Trinity HS, Sacred Heart HS and All Saints HS School Councils invite you to a Social Networking and Internet Safety virtual presentation with Mr. Paul Davis on January 26 at 8:00 pm. To register, please review the following information and use the link provided below.

You are invited to a Zoom Presentation with Paul Davis

Topic: Online Safety, Social Media, Privacy, Cyberbullying & Image Sharing

When: January 26, 8:00pm

Registration Link: January 26th Registration Link - Paul Davis Presentation

Advance registration is required for this presentation. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the presentation.

Please confirm the spelling of your email when registering. Check your SPAM box if you do not receive a confirmation after registering. A login and password will be included in the confirmation email.

Additional information on presenter, Pauld Davis, please visit:

Twitter:, Facebook:

CSPA Mental Health Night - Continuing the Conversation

The Ottawa Catholic School Parents’ Association is hosting a virtual evening session on January 27th. Sessions will focus on mental health and mental health supports for families.

Topics include Motivation, Mental Health Supports at the OCSB, Support for Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health, Tech Overuse & Addiction and Equity in Mental Health.

Fore more information, including how to register, please visit: January 27th Information and Registration - CSPA.

Holy Spirit Parish Synodal Process

Pope Francis has initiated a synodal journey of consultations and discernment of the whole People of God, which began in October 2021 and will culminate in October 2023 in the Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. The process includes three phases: Diocesan; Continental and Universal.

To become a more synodal, listening Church, Pope Francis invites us to reflect on two main questions given your own lived experiences.

1. How have we “journeyed together” in your experiences as a Church? Have there been times of Joy in your faith journey as a Catholic? Sorrows? Challenges?

2. What steps does the Holy Spirit invite us to take here at Holy Spirit parish, in order to grow well as we “journeying together”? In our Church as a whole? For example, what would you like to see the parish offer, either something spiritual or practical, that would make your faith life more fulfilling?

For information about the the Synod and the ways to get involved at Holy Spirit Parish please visit: Holy Spirit Parish Synod Invitation Letter

Grade 9&10 Lunch - Cafeteria Access

Beginning today grade 9&10 students can now access the cafeteria during the lunch period. Food service remains unavailable. Tables are assigned by cohort. Students continue to have the option of eating in their period 2 classroom. They also have the option of going outside. To the greatest extent possible, masks should continue to be worn regardless of which lunch location students choose.

Rapid Test Kits and 3-Layer Masks

Last week the Province announced that rapid tests were being made available to schools. Elementary schools have been prioritized and many elementary schools have already received test kits (2 per student). We have not yet received our school allocation of rapid test kits for students. We are also still awaiting the delivery of our 3-layer mask allotment. The main office does currently have a supply of 2-layer masks that are available to students.

We will provide additional information regarding the distribution of rapid test kits and 3-layer masks when they are received.

New Fernbank Catholic Elementary School

Board staff will present final recommendations at the Tuesday February 8, 2022 7 pm Board Meeting. Updated information is now available on the Board’s website: New Fernbank Catholic Elementary School (2023) Proposed Attendance Boundary Public Consultation Page

Thank you for your continued support. We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Brent Hopkins


January 15th, 2022 Update

January 15th, 2022

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

On Wednesday the Province confirmed that schools will be reopening for in-person learning on Monday, January 17th. If you have not already had the opportunity to do so, please review the update provided by the Board (OCSB): January 12th OCSB Return to School Update.

While we know that many students are looking forward to returning to classes on Monday, we also know that the return to school may be causing some concern and anxiety. We remain committed to supporting students through this transition. We will return to our 2021-22 in-person schedule.

We have some additional information to share with you.

Daily Screening / COVID-19 Protocols

We will continue to use all the masking and hand-sanitizing COVID-19 safety protocols that were in place prior to the school closure. Students continue to be required to wear masks and should be sanitizing their hands regularly throughout the day. It is also important that students and staff continue to adhere to the structures and processes that remain in place within the building.

Students will again be required to confirm completion of daily screening each morning (Provincial Screening Tool For Students). This will need to be completed every day that they attend school in-person. Students are asked to confirm they have followed this process through their my.studentinfo account. Teachers will review this process with students on Monday.

Your Child is Unwell. What now?

As was the case prior to Christmas, if your child tests positive for COVID-19 by way of a PCR test they will be required to isolate. Household contacts will also be required to isolate. Unlike the fall, rapid testing is now being used to confirm COVID-19 in symptomatic individuals and the same isolation requirements apply.

Currently, access to testing (PCR or Rapid) is limited. As a result, the Province has announced a framework for presumptive cases of COVID-19. These are cases that are believed to be COVID-19 based on the symptoms presented. Individuals with presumptive cases of COVID-19 are to adhere to the same isolation requirements as those that are confirmed through testing (see How To Self Isolate). Regular use of the daily screening tool is essential, as the tool will provide direction regarding next steps - including isolation requirements for your child and other household members. As reference, the following table provides a summary of current guidance for symptomatic individuals: You have symptoms and are concerned may have COVID-19. Now what?

Rapid Test Kits and 3-Layer Masks

The Province has indicated that they will be providing rapid test kits to students. Elementary schools have been prioritized to receive testing kits first. The Province has also indicated that 3-layer masks are on-route. They are being provided by the Province as an alternate option for students. The main office does currently have a supply of 2-layer masks that are available to students.

We will provide additional information regarding the distribution of rapid test kits and 3-layer masks when they are received.

Reporting Attendance

A reminder that our 24-hour school attendance line is 613-831-0543. When calling your student in absent, please specify their name and the reason for absence (appointment, illness, and COVID symptoms, if applicable).

Our main school line is also available during the school day. Please feel free to contact the school if you have questions. The main school line is 613-831-6643.

When your child is at home they can access their school work via Hapara and/or their teacher's website.

Chromebook Return

If your child was loaned a Chromebook last week to support online instruction please ask them to return the device to the Learning Commons.

Credit Intervention Day & February 4th PD Day

The HS Credit Intervention Day originally scheduled for Friday, January 21st has been canceled. As a result this upcoming Friday will be a regular school day for all students.

A reminder that Friday, February 4th is a PD Day for all grade 7-12 students.

OSTA Update

The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority provided the following update regarding bus service: January 13th OSTA Update.

Upcoming Reporting Dates

On Wednesday, February 16th both 7&8 Term 1 report cards and high school Quadmester 2 report cards are scheduled to be released through the Parent Portal.

Intermediate Parent-Teacher Interviews will take place on Thursday, February 24th. Our online booking system will open on February 17th.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions. We look forward to welcoming students back on Monday.

Brent Hopkins


January 3rd, 2022 Update

January 3rd, 2022

​​​​​​​Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

We hope that you and your family were able to enjoy the Christmas break. Welcome to 2022! We know that the uncertainty regarding our return to school has caused some concern and anxiety. The Province announced this morning that schools will move to online learning from Wednesday, January 5th to Friday, January 14th. The Board (OCSB) provided the following update to families this afternoon: January 3rd OCSB Update.

We’d like to provide you with some information to help prepare for Wednesday’s transition to online learning. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Like you, we were advised of this shift this morning.

Grade 7&8

By 8 am on Wednesday students and parents will receive an email message from their respective homeroom teacher. The message will include a link to a document that contains the schedule for the week and Google Meet links for each of their teachers. Grade 7&8 students will be adhering to our grade 7/8 Online Schedule.

High School (Grade 9-12)

By 8 am on Wednesday students will receive an email message from both their period 1 and period 2 teacher that includes a Google Meet link. Online instruction will begin on Wednesday at the regularly scheduled class time (HS).

Participation, Attendance and Assessment

It is important to note that student participation in online learning during the school closure will be key to their continued success. As was the case during last year’s school closures, evaluations conducted over this period will impact final marks. Attendance will be taken each period and will be reflected on students’ report cards.

In general, students will be connected ‘synchronously’ with their teachers 75-80% of the time they are regularly scheduled to be in class. Teachers will continue to provide various learning experiences, not all of which will require online computer-related instruction.


Attendance is being recorded each class. Automated messages will continue to be sent to parents when attendance discrepancies exist. Parents are asked to continue to report absences to the school when students are unable to participate virtually. The school attendance line is 613-831-0543.

Electronic Devices

The school has access to Chromebooks that can be loaned to students if one is required to participate in online learning from home. We ask parents to email the school directly at by 2 pm on Wednesday, January 5th if your child is in need of an electronic device.

Essential Item Retrieval

Prior to the Christmas Break students were advised to bring their essential learning materials (books, Chromebooks, etc.) home with them. Students are not able to access the school building during the closure. If your child has left an essential learning item in their classroom or locker please complete the following form by Wednesday, January 5th at 2 pm: Item Retrieval Request Form. A member of administration will be in contact to make arrangements regarding the item(s).

Remote Learning Checklist

The Board has prepared the following resource document to support students and families as they transition to online learning: Remote Learning Checklist for Families.

Booking Guidance Appointments

During this period of online learning, students continue to be able to request an appointment with a guidance counselor. Requests can be made by visiting . Once logged in (using their school account) an appointment can be requested by clicking on the Guidance Appointment icon.

We look forward to classes beginning Wednesday and we thank you for your continued support.

Brent Hopkins


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