Business SHSM at Sacred Heart

The Business SHSM offers students an invaluable opportunity to discover and channel their unique skills and abilities into careers in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Event Management, Marketing, and many other exciting areas.

Through the Business SHSM Program, students will be invited to:

  • complete SIX (6) sector-recognized certifications, including Standard First Aid, CPR Training, WHMIS, customer service, and 2 elective choices related to the Business sector, such as effective networking, project management, public speaking, business etiquette, and more!

  • participate in at least one experiential learning activity, such as job shadowing a business person, attending a retail show, conference or workshop, competing in local, provincial or national contests with a business focus, or touring the local chamber of commerce.

  • take the next step along their chosen pathway by interviewing employees currently working in the business sector, visiting an apprenticeship delivery agent, or observing a college or university class in an business program.

Credit Requirements

The Business SHSM program has credit options for every pathway (workplace, apprenticeship, college, university)

Major Credits (4)

Students will choose any FOUR of the major courses (at least one in grade 11, at least one in grade 12, and the other two in grade 11 or 12. (Some grade 12 courses have a grade 11 prerequisite course. Consult your guidance counsellor or the OCSB course descriptions for more information.)

Grade 11

BAF3M - Accounting

BMI3C- Marketing

BTA3O - Business Technology

CLU3E - Canadian Law

CLU3M - Canadian Law

GPP3O - Peer Leadership

HRF3O - World Religions

HRT3M - World Religions

ICS3C - Intro to Computer Programming

ICS3U - Intro to Computer Science

TDJ3M - Technological Design

TGG3M - Yearbook

TGJ3M - Communications Technology

Grade 12

BAT4M - Accounting

BBB4M - International Business

BDV4C - Entrepreneurship

BOG4E - Business Leadership

BOH4M - Business Leadership

CIA4U - Economics

CLN4U - International Law

CPW4U - Politics

ICS4C - Computer Programming

ICS4U - Computer Science

TGG4M - Yearbook

TGJ4M - Communications Technology

Co-operative Education (2)

Students will take at least 2 co-op credits (in grade 11 or grade 12, or in the summer if it does not fit otherwise), which must be linked to a major credit. Additional Co-op credits may be used to replace one major credit.

Other Compulsory Credits -

Apprenticeship, College or University Pathway (6)

Choose 1 from each of the options listed.

* a CLA must be included in the course.

ENG3E / ENG3C / ENG3U - English*

OLC4O / ENG4E / ENG4C / ENG4U - English

MEL3E / MBF3C / MCF3M / MCR3U - Math*

MAP4C / MDM4U / MHF4U / MCV4U - Math*

Other Compulsory Credits -

Workplace Pathway (5)

Choose 1 from each of the options listed.

* a CLA must be included in the course.

ENG3E / ENG3C / ENG3U - English*

OLC4O / ENG4E / ENG4C / ENG4U - English*

MEL3E / MBF3C / MCF3M / MCR3U - Math*

The Specialist High Skills Major program in Business gives students an opportunity to specialize, gain qualifications, and plan a career pathway in various areas of the Business sector while still in high school.

The SHSM program is open to all students at no cost. Although the program begins in grade 11, grade 9 and 10 students should plan ahead to be part of this program to complete prerequisite courses. Application forms are available through Student Services, or by clicking here.

Click here for a printable brochure.

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