Student Services

Guidance Counsellors

Guidance Counsellors are available to answer questions related to timetables, career planning, personal and social issues, special educational needs, and to suggest possible referrals to appropriate school personnel and outside agencies.

Jonathan Schouten (A - D)  
Jennifer Wood  (E - H)
Cindy Zwolak      (I  - Mc)
Sarah Stewart       (Me - R)
Andrew Bain       (S - Z)

Office AdministratorAngele McDiarmid

Achievement Centre:
Allison CamilucciMatthew D'Angelo, and Colin Murphy

Student Success: Allison Camilucci

Resource (HS)

Randy Baird (A-D),  Julie Favreau  (E-J ),  Natalie Henry (K-O),  Lisa Kennedy (P-Z ) 

Resource  (7/8):  Meg McGarry,  Maureen Mercer, Jeanne VanLankveld, Amanda Daigler

Students may start earning their community service house at the beginning of their grade 9 year (the summer before grade 9). All students must complete 40 hours of community involvement as a graduation requirement.  The OCSB website addresses questions about this requirement and provides ideas for volunteer opportunities across the city:  Community Service Opportunities.  

As well, please read the daily announcements, as we have the Volunteer Opportunities page that we try to keep updated with any local volunteer opportunities. 

Please submit your completed Community  Service Hours form to the Student Services office. 

Young Worker Safety:
Rights at Work
Parenting Young Workers

Preparing for your Future

Visit the Course Selection Landing Page for all of the information required to choose courses for the 2024-25 school year.

Select courses for next year through the Student Portal (found at the bottom of this website)

Grade 6 Parent Information Presentation - presented March 7, 2024

Career and Personality Test/Quizzes: 

Elearning supports

All elearning students are invited to a presentation and information session to ensure that they understand how to navigate their eLearning course. 

Getting Started in eLearning 


The 7/8 Resource Room is a place where students can drop in to ask a question, print a document, borrow a book, or just sit quietly for a few minutes. Resource teachers support students with an IEP according to their needs. Resource teachers work closely as a team with students, classroom teachers and parents to ensure that each child has the best experience possible at our school.

7/8 Resource:, Meg McGarry, Maureen Mercer, Jeanne VanLankveld, Amanda Daigler

The High School Resource Room encourages all exceptional students to take advantage of one-on-one support, signing out a laptop or finding a quiet spot to work in an inclusive environment. We encourage students to be prepared, communicate their needs, and take responsibility for their learning. We facilitate an environment that supports individuals to achieve success along their educational journeys and help them transition to post-secondary education. We encourage students to acquire the skills needed for lifelong learning.

High School Resource: Randy Baird, Julie Favreau, Natalie Henry, Lisa Kennedy

Student Success - Allison Camilucci

High School Achievement Centre

The High School Achievement Centre is a support mechanism in place for students who may be struggling with their credits and need further assistance in order to graduate, including catch-up after an absence. The program consists of a variety of supports including credit recovery, access to experiential learning opportunities and flexible scheduling.

Achievement Centre: Allison Camilucci, Matthew D'Angelo, Colin Murphy

Inclusion Resource

The Inclusion Resource Room provides support for exceptional students to be fully integrated into the school community. Based on their individual learning needs and abilities, all students will receive support that fosters a culture of commitment to achievement (Special Education Transformation, 2006). Using a team approach, including classroom teachers, Inclusion resource teachers and Educational Assistants, appropriate programming (i.e. modifications and accommodations) is developed and implemented for each student so they can reach their potential.

Inclusion Teachers: Danielle Graham and Erin Duncan

Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education is a method of learning that allows students to earn secondary school credits while completing a work placement in the community. It allows students to participate in valuable learning experiences that help prepare them for the next stage of their lives, whether in apprenticeship training, college, community living, university, or the workplace.

Co-operative Education: Susan Tourigny, Ryan McCloskey

Destination Employability Pathway (DEP)

The Destination Employability Pathway program allows students in grades 7-12 opportunities for experiential learning through job shadowing/twinning with co-op students, off site work experiences, guest speakers, and field trips, specific to the student's area(s) of interest and career aspirations.

Destination Employability Program Contact: Andrew Bain

Peer Support Programs

Peer Mentor

The Peer Mentor program is similar to a Big Brother/Big Sister program where senior high school students mentor a younger student. Peer Mentors are very much like a friend lending support, socially or organizationally. The Peer Mentor Coordinator matches a high school student with a grade 7 or 8 student. Once the match between the Peer Mentor and student is made, a suitable schedule is determined by the Peer Mentor Coordinator. The Mentor and student may meet once or twice a week for twenty minutes, on school property. Students may request a Peer Mentor for themselves by speaking with their Guidance Counsellor or teachers. Teachers, parents or administrators may ask that a student be assigned a Peer Mentor. Teachers, counsellor or administrators may nominate or recommend a high school student to the Peer Mentor Coordinator or students can apply themselves. Training and orientation will be provided by Student Services.

Peer Mentor Co-ordinator:   Sarah Stewart

Peer Tutors

Students sometimes find themselves struggling to succeed in a subject. 

Through Peer Tutoring, students can be matched with an older student for extra help in a particular subject.

Peer Tutor Co-ordinator:  Sarah Stewart

Peer Ambasadors

One of the first people new Grade 7 students meet at Sacred Heart is a Peer Ambassador. Sometimes they even meet them while they are still in Grade 6, touring Sacred Heart for the first time. Our enthusiastic Peer Ambassadors welcome new students at the welcome BBQ and throughout the year.  They build community in whole-school initiatives such as Bullying Awareness Week and Christmas hampers. They are ambassadors at school open houses and community events, such as the CHEO telethon. Along the way, Peer Ambassador gain valuable leadership skills.

Peer Ambassador Co-ordinator: Deanna Ebner


In order to answer the needs of students at Sacred Heart who have expressed the desire to have some tutoring in subjects in which they are experiencing difficulty, students can request a peer tutor.  While adults have specialized skills and knowledge, young people often learn best from someone who shares their perspective of the world. “The Peer Tutoring Program” offers affordable academic help for students while providing valuable experience to older students who already possess strong academic skills in a particular subject.   Applications to request or become a peer tutor are returned to the Guidance Office.  NOTE:  Student tutors charge $15/hour.

Responsibilities for Tutoring  - Please read before filling out the request and application.

Request to Receive a Peer Tutor (must be from a school account)

Application to Become a Peer Tutor (must be from a school account)

The Guidance Office also provides a list of professional and adult tutors.  This list contains names of individuals, as well as organizations.  Parents are asked to contact these individuals directly.  As each student has individual needs that must be met, we encourage parents to interview potential tutors to ensure that their child's individual needs are met.  

Professional/Adult Tutors List

NOTE: Professional/Adult tutors rates vary.