Graduation Information

News and information for our graduating students will be posted here throughout the year. Check back frequently for updates!

This is where you look for ALL of the important information about your Graduating Year !

Sacred Heart Information for your Grad Year

Awards & Scholarships:

Useful Sites for Sacred Heart Graduating Students

Key Dates:

Community Involvement Hours:

All graduates of the 2020-21 school year will need to complete a minimum of 20 Hours to fulfill their graduation requirement.

Please see this sink for ideas about how to complete these hours safely/virtually: Community Involvement Hours Ideas

How to Apply to University

OUAC Presentation 2018

Students must wait to apply until we receive their unique PIN #, which is usually mid-November.

This site has many other resources as well. We recommend student apply in early December

This site is where all the research before applying should occur. Einfo has course prerequisites, mark ranges, scholarship and even residence info. Do your research first, and if you note the program code, your application can be extra fast!

This is the site where high school students begin their application to Ontario Universities - they must use the "101" application.


Stay tuned for more information in Jan. 2021


Stay tuned for more information!


Stay tuned for contract and seating plan!